At Clonmore Meats we pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality meat and accompaniments all year round. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the list below, please send us an email, pop in or give us a call on (059) 913 1976.


Clonmore Meats sources all our beef and lamb from local family farms, we also have our own farm where we keep cattle all year round they are hand picked by Tommy to suit our customers specifications. Animal welfare is very important at Clonmore Meats we feel that sourcing livestock locally with less travel time and impact on the animal.

We feel it is important not to limit breeding selection to one breed. Having a small selection of specialised breeds guarantees better consistency throughout the year.


Beef and Lamb breeds we specialise in are.

Beef: Limousine
Limousine Beef is top quality ,lean meat renowned for its taste.
Its exceptional grain gives it a tenderness remarkable marbling smoothness and juiciness.
Aberdeen Angus
Premium quality beef with amazing texture and taste.
High level of marbling present in Angus beef keeps the beef moist and tender while cooking.
The Charolais breed is sought after as much for its quality as its rearing it is the best breed for meat production in the world.


Suffock is unsurpassed in eating quality and is considered the breed for the table.

Combining developed flavour with characteristics sweet and succulence.


Excellent quality lamb contains higher levels of antioxidants and Vitamin E.

As a result the meat doesn’t go brown quickly and it has a lovely pink appearance.


High quality ,lean carcass and have a high meat to bone ratio”

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